Transcripción fonémica I

phonemic alphabet image

Select the correct phonemic transcription for the following written words. You can revise the whole phonemic alphabet or only the consonants in the text on the left.
***You can do this exercise several times. Different words may come up!

Phonemic transcription of Spanish consonants

/p/ p para
/b/ b, v bebe, vive
/m/ m malo
/f/ f farmacia
/t/ t tener
/d/ d decir
/θ/ ce, ci, z cerveza
/s/ s silla
/l/ l libro
/ɾ/ r (only when it is between vowels) pero
/r/ r (rest of the positions), rr perro, renta
/n/ n noche
/č/* ch chino
/j/ y (except end of word), ll yo, llamo
/ɲ/ ñ año, España
/k/ c (except ce, ci), qu, k quiero, cosa, kilo
/g/ g (except ge, gi), gu, w gato, guerra, Guinea, whisky
/x/ ge, gi jamón, general

*These phonemes can also be transcribed with the IPA (International Phonetics Association) symbols /ʧ/ and /ʤ/ respectively.

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